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1. In the Small Business Incubator Complex (hereinafter – the Complex), the following mode of operation is established, which is obligatory for tenants and owners to comply with the premises located in the Complex:

1.1. Weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 08.00 to 20.00.

1.2. Weekends: Saturday, Sunday.

1.3. Access to the premises for the rest of the time is carried out only with the written permission of the administration of the Complex.

1.4. The lift operates on weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 08.00 to 20.00.

1.5. Being in the Complex at night is strictly prohibited.

1.6. Strictly prohibited in the Complex and on its territory:

$ 1-smoking outside specially designated places;

$ 1-drinking alcohol and being drunk;

$ 1-breeding of fire;

$ 1-storage of flammable liquids and explosives.

2. When driving in the adjacent territory for temporary accommodation of motor vehicles, follow the rules of the road, the markings and road signs established when entering and leaving the territory.

2.1. The entry of motor vehicles of tenants and owners of premises is allowed only in accordance with the established mode of operation of the Complex.

2.2. It is strictly forbidden to store motor vehicles on the territory adjacent to the Complex outside the time set by the working hours (night time, weekends and holidays).

2.3. The entrance of road transport to the inner yard for carrying out loading and unloading works is carried out only from the side of the emergency exit of the Technopark building with prior notification of the Complex’s machinery.

2.4. The duration of the parking of motor vehicles on the inner yard during waiting time, idle time and processing of documents – no more than 20 minutes.

2.5. In the event of violation of the established rules for the location of motor vehicles on the territory adjacent to the Complex, the State Traffic Inspectorate is called in and forced to tow the vehicle to the parking lot.

3. Not to be produced without the prior written permission of the Administration of the Complex and prior written approval of the project:

– redevelopment, re-equipment of premises, engineering networks and equipment;

– installation, installation and use of equipment in premises, public areas;

– installation of communication equipment (antenna-feeder devices, mini-ATS, television antennas, and computer networks), climatic equipment (air conditioners, heaters and other devices).

4. Tenants and owners of premises are obliged:

4.1. Keep rooms, common areas and adjoining territory clean and tidy in accordance with sanitary requirements and norms.

4.2. Independently take out waste that is not similar to the waste of the vital activity of the population, do not store these wastes on the territory of the Complex and do not use for their disposal containers for collecting waste similar to the waste of the life of the population (on the containers there are appropriate designations – MSW).

4.3. To fulfill the requirements of the administration of the Complex in the part of collecting, storing and transferring to the ownership of waste similar to the waste of the vital activity of the population in accordance with the instructions for handling waste and taking them only to specially designated places.

4.4. Waste that does not belong to waste similar to waste products of the population, including secondary raw materials (polyethylene, cardboard, glass, wooden waste, metal, etc.) should be disposed of independently.

5. In case of faults in heating systems, plumbing fixtures in office premises and public areas, as well as all emergency situations, the technicians of the Complex must be informed immediately either by phone: (017) 508-13-36, (017) 508-13 -39, (029) 627-38-70, (044) 745-46-76.