About us

The business incubator is an instrument of regional economic development assistance aimed at the effective support of newly established or young enterprises at the initial stage.

Goals and history

On September 12, 1989, a branch of the All-Union Center for Advanced Research, Development and Implementation of SIGNUM was established in Minsk, which was reorganized in 1990 into the Small-Scale Enterprise (MAP). But even then, in the absence of experience and legislation in the country on business incubation, the company used the main tools to support entrepreneurial ideas in its work. The date of registration of the Joint Stock Company “MAP” is March 18, 1992. In 1996, the organization acquired the status of a Closed Joint Stock Company. Since 1998, after the Government of the country adopted the “Regulations on business incubators”, ZAO “MAP” functions as an incubator of small business of an innovative type. The re-registration of 2001 turned the company’s name into ZAO “MAP CJSC” Minsk district.

As part of a small business incubator complex, ZAO “MAP CJSC” are located.

1. Industrial and warehouse building. The total area is 834 sq.m. It was put into operation in 1996. In 2017, current repairs were carried out: thermal sanitation, roof repairs, plastic windows, Alutech gates.

2. The administrative building was built in 1996, but only in 2007 it was put into operation after reconstruction. The total area of the building is 3380 sq.m. 4 floors and a socle. The building includes office premises, a conference room of 77 sq. M., A bank, a cafe, a hairdresser, a coworking center, jobs for beginners with a legal address and post office.

3. Technopark building. Built in 2012. 6 floors and a socle. The total area of 4200 sq.m. As a part of the building, office premises from 9 sq. M., Multifunctional premises, a department store.

4. The building of the medical center. It was built in 2010. The total area is 70 sq.m. Currently, there is a women’s health center and an ultrasound machine.


5. Buildings of gas boiler and hydraulic fracturing.

6. One-story building of a trading number with an exploited roof. Put into operation in 2015. The total area is about 500 sq.m. In the structure of the building there are small commercial premises from 46 sq. M., An ATM room.

7. Projects for building. In autumn of 2017 the construction of the Trade Center (III building), consisting of three buildings, was started. In the structure of the building there is a supermarket with a total area of about 1400 sq.m. (1st floor), non-food shops and public services (2nd floor), multifunctional rooms (3-5 floors).