Female happiness: Would it be … business next door?

How do modern women find their happiness? Do they have all the opportunities for self-realization? What are the most common problems at home and at work? Is it possible to be a successful business lady and a happy woman at the same time?

These and other important issues were discussed at the meeting of the expert working group on the implementation of gender policy under the Minsk Regional Executive Committee. The place of holding is a small business incubator of MAP ZAO CJSC in the agro-town of Kolodischi.

“Such meetings are a great opportunity to exchange experience, to talk heart to heart about achievements and sore points, to share personal stories and secrets of women’s success in various fields,” said Tatiana Domoratskaya, first deputy chairman of the committee for labor, employment and social protection of the Minsk regional executive committee. – In the small business incubator there is an opportunity to get acquainted with women who took place as entrepreneurs. This way is not always chosen by all, and therefore it is of particular interest.

In the metropolitan region, examples are far from necessary. Much can be learned from Marina Naidovich, Director of the Directorate of ZAO MAP ZAO.

“Our incubator was created by my husband,” said Marina Nikolaevna. – In my opinion, the division of business by gender is not beneficial, in business, both men and women should work. First of all, I support the development of the family business. My husband and I serve just such an example. We are different and thus complement each other. For example, representatives of the fair sex are more cautious in their approach to new ventures, and thus often help to anticipate and prevent risks.

In the small business incubator ZAO MAP CJSC, bold, resolute and charming women placed their enterprises. In 2011, the medical center of Pangei-medical opened its doors. It was created by Tatyana Dubovets, a gynecologist, an ultrasound doctor, a psychologist and, in combination, the mother of seven children.

“Today everything is fine in my life,” she says. – I was one of the first in the country to open a license for a private reception. At us the ultrasound diagnostics is spent, the reception of the female doctor is organized. It is important for me to devote maximum time to each patient. I truly love what I do. If there is a real desire to be in business, then all the difficulties are surmountable. A large family helps me to remain active, energetic, go ahead without fear of difficulties, and not feel biological age!

Galina Kosarevskaya opened her own business 25 years ago. Until recently, she was a director, now she is the chairman of the supervisory board of CJSC “MAPSOFT”. In the field of information technology, the fair sex is one. Galina Kosarevskaya, rather, an exception.

– How did I decide to start my IT business? – says Galina Evgenievna. – After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she was left without work. The project, which I conducted in one of the institutes, did not receive funding and was closed. It was necessary to decide something, but I wanted to do what I could and what I liked. Work had a lot. But today the company “MAPSOFT” is a resident of the Park of High Technologies and Scientific and Technical Association “Infopark”. It is constantly included in the top 10 software developers, focused on the domestic market. The children followed in my footsteps and work with interest in the same business. All this, of course, pleases. For me, it was more difficult to combine family and business. Being a wife, mother, mistress and the head of the enterprise is a super task. But the happiness is to have opportunities for self-realization in all directions. Taking a job in your company, we look not at gender identity, but on the professional qualities of the candidate. But in our sphere the ladies are not in a hurry. Therefore, the company has only 18% of female employees.

The special role of women-leaders in the foyer was emphasized by the deputy chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee Alexander Myakinnik:

– The heads of our children’s pre-school institutions, school principals, heads of health care institutions are mostly women. It’s easy to work with them. They are not looking for easy ways, go to the goal themselves and lead the collectives.
Undoubtedly, our women – and beauties, and clever, and athletes, and foremost, and leaders … But first of all they are charming and attractive, wise, kind and caring. A great happiness, when next to a woman there is a real man who always and in everything supports, helps in self-realization – at home, at work and in business.

– Gender education begins with the family, – Tatyana Petrovskaya, the referent of the Department of Social and Educational Work of the Education Department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, placed the points above “i”. – Watching their parents, children learn masculinity and femininity, relationships with the opposite sex. Keeping traditions, supporting and respecting each other, men and women live in harmony, create happy families, raise children and successfully work.