Majsternya “Tucasa gospodarka” invites you on a crash course learning crochet and knitting

Majsternya “Tucasa gospodarka” (the Minsk district of Belarus.Kolodischi, Minskaya str., 5, business incubator of UAB “map UAB”) invites you to an Express training course in crochet and knitting needles.

The cost of training is only 30 rubles per course!!! The course price includes yarn, needles and a hook that will stay with you. As a result of the training you will receive a finished product: a pillow in the style of patchwork with needles and a hook, as well as a cap tied in a circle with spokes, and an Amigurumi toy on the example of “Miracle Octopus”.

Graduates of the course will be able to take part in the competition for the best work related with their own hands. The winner of the prize.

Training takes place in the framework of the project “Academy of entrepreneurship activation in rural areas” by a grant of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland “Polish DOPOMOGA”.

A crash course: Teaching crochet and knitting.

* Start of training on July 9, 2018.

The duration of training is 2 weeks or 30 hours (3 hours daily on weekdays in the morning, afternoon or evening).

Training time to choose from: morning 10.00-13.00; day 14.00-17.00 or evening 17.30-20.30

The number of places for the course is 10 people. The course is only for adult citizens.

Teachers: Shukevich Darina, Kovalenko Alena

The result: the finished product-a pillow in the style of patchwork with needles and a hook. Hat knitting, knitted in a circle. Toy Amigurumi, on the example of “Miracle Octopus”.

Enrollment by phone: 8 (029)- 110-62-37 and (17) 508-13-32

Training program:

1 Lesson:

Familiarity with the spokes (straight, circular, hosiery, sizes and options).

Introduction to yarn (composition, length, thickness, seasonality, quality).

Stacked edge (tight, free, 1 or 2 spokes).

Front and reverse loop, fabric cushion front surface.

2 Lesson:

Introduction to the hook (sizes, options).

The air loop, chain, a column without nakida, a column with one, two, three nakida.

Knitting 1 patchwork square with the use of studied techniques.

3 Lesson:

Analysis of the pattern of the spokes – the “Rectangles”.

Knitting 2 patchwork square.

4 lesson:

Analysis of the technique of knitting openwork square crochet.

Knitting 3 squares, connecting the finished 3 squares in a row.

5 Lesson:

Analysis of the technique of knitting patterns “Rice”and” Chess gum”.

Knitting 4 and start 5 squares.

6 lesson:

The end crochet 5 squares.

Analysis of the technique of crochet pattern “Bumps”.

Knitting 6 square. Connect 3 squares in a row and join the previous row.

7 Lesson:

Analysis of the technique of knitting patterns “Fake bundles”and ” Honeycomb”.

Knitting 7 and 8 squares, studied by techniques.

8 Lesson:

Analysis of the technique of knitting a square in a circle column with a Cape.

Knitting 9 square, studied technique.

Connecting the third row, joining it to the rest of the rows. Connection to the back wall of the pillow, connected with the front surface.

9 Lesson:

Cap for hosiery knitting needles, from beginning to end. (Hat on a premature baby, with the study of the main points: yarn, needles, knitting in a circle). Calculation of loops on the necessary volume of the head.

10 Lesson:

The study of knitting toys in technology ” Amigurumi.” Therapeutic toy “Miracle octopus”.

* – The administration may set the date and time of the course beginning at its discretion in case of incomplete group recruitment.