Investment projects


Investment Project – Production-storage building

MAP ZAO is seeking an investor for the construction of a production-storage building

. The company's land plot designated for the construction of the building has a favourable location:

·  In the center of the small town of Kolodischi which has a developed infrastructure and necessary supply lines (electricity, water, sewage, low-pressure natural gas, access roads) available for the land plot;

·  Convenient access with public transport;

·  Close to the capital city (5 km from the nearest metro station);

·  Close to a major highway (M2) which connects the capital city and its international airport and is used for transportation between Minsk and Moscow;

·  Construction of three state-of-the-art Class B business centers is ongoing in the district of Minsk (Uruchye) which is the closest (5 km) to the proposed site of the building; two such businesses centers are already operating in the district;

·  There are no other large retail facilities or hotels in the area, which also makes the chosen location attractive.

The population of Kolodischi is 26,000 people. The design and construction of an international-class golf club is currently under way in this area

MAP ZAO's premises include an administrative building with a total floor area of 3,400 m2, which houses a large number of offices, a conference room for up to 60 people, a bank's cash processing center, and a café. A building for a technology park with a total floor area of 3,517 m2 is now under construction. It will have a lot of space for office and production purposes.

The building will be located in the center of Kolodischi along Tyulenin Street and will have multiple uses, including:

-  Two-level underground parking lot for 160 cars;

-   Production storage premiseses from 280 till 3000 sq.m.

-   Offices

-   2 Shops (150 sq.m.)

           Total floor area: 10,800 m2 

            Design and construction period: 24 months