The local economy

Workshop opens in a.g.Kolodischi on ul.Minskaya, 5 December 2017 in the premises of the business incubator ZAO “MAP ZAO”. This is a unique social project aimed at the development of creative abilities and the creation of their own business (crafts).

Workshop “The local economy” – is:

  • Effective and reliable way to personal development
  • The magic of creating unusual from the usual
  • Finding like-minded friends
  • Good mood, great feeling
  • Opportunities to start their own business

he workshop will offer classes for learning the basics of knitting, sewing, felting, doll-making, greeting cards and albums. We will hold discussions on interesting and useful topics to discuss unresolved questions, read, dance, chaovnichat. It is planned to conduct workshops on the management of agricultural business, the development of “green” and innovative technologies of agriculture in rural areas. The workshop will be offered a room in rent sewing machine and serger. It will be able to cut out and use the fitting clothes on a mannequin. The activities of the workshop will begin with the exhibition, which will showcase the personal work of talented women: photographic and art paintings, postcards in the technique of “scrapbooking”, dolls and other interesting items.

In our social projects may be involved adults (over 18 years), regardless of the type of employment and education. We will be glad to see, and those who possess creativity and definitely kind of craft and those who can (and want to) pass on their knowledge in any creative business.
Write to us, please answer the following questions:

  • what craft you want to learn?
  • what skills and experience you want to share?

You can answer by writing on this page Maisternia “The nearest gaspark” or by e-mail

We invite people who are keen on the creative attitude to Life.