In the newspaper Minsk region “Pristolichie” from 20.10.2017 published an article “Businessmen at the school desk”

You can try yourself in business today from school. How many young entrepreneurs do we have and what do they do? How are things with profits?

Parents often repeat to their children: “Study diligently, do not carry knowledge behind your shoulders.” And today, moreover, they have the opportunity to participate in a business company within the walls of their own educational institution. Such a unique experience can be useful in the future, it will help to become independent and successful.

Business Incubator – Closed Joint-Stock Company MAP ZAO is located in Kolodishchi. For more than a decade now, much attention has been paid to promoting the course for high school students on “The Basics of Entrepreneurial Activity for Youth”.

– The theoretical course was developed back in 2005, – commented director of the directorate of the small business incubator ZAO “MAP ZAO” Marina Naidovich. – But this did not stop there. This course was tested in two schools in the Minsk region: in Minsk (Kolodishchanskaya school) and Myadel district. We chose rural schools not by chance. It’s no secret that young people leave for cities. Many are convinced that in the village, except for work in the local SEC, there is nothing more to do. Young people, as a rule, do not consider a different possibility for self-realization. And why not open your own business in your native village? One of the goals of our course is to help prepare both theoretically and practically to the development of small business.

A special handbook “The basics of entrepreneurial activity for young people” was issued. It covers the economic, legal and psychological aspects of business. A variety of questions are set out in an accessible language. You can find out how to organize your business, what regulatory documents govern the conduct of economic activity, as well as about the specifics of marketing analysis, the organization of financial and accounting records, the development of a business plan …
With the support of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee this manual has been published many times. The book was published in several thousand copies and today it is represented in libraries of almost all educational institutions of the Minsk region. Moreover, a curriculum and recommendations were developed. In many educational institutions, you can enroll in an elective course or in a circle on the basics of business.

Since 2011, the introduction of a new practice-oriented course has begun. Apprenticeship business companies have appeared. From the theory went to work. The Minsk Regional Institute for the Development of Education took up the implementation of the new idea. Thanks to this, the children could not only gain knowledge, but also acquire skills, in practice see how the ideas are realized, the profit is calculated. The first business companies in educational institutions of the Minsk region were established in 2011/2012 academic year. Today in the central region there are 137 student business companies.

The Borovlyansk gymnasium was among the pioneers. Teachers had to work hard. After all, with every lawful representative of the student it was necessary to formalize the contract agreement, to draw up a work schedule that will not interfere with the school curriculum.

– We produce souvenir and gift products, – Irina Rumas, the head of the business company “School Company 10+” of the Borovlyansk Gymnasium, told us. – The approach to the matter is responsible, and the experience is considerable. We have been working since 2011. Tried themselves in different spheres. At the moment, our main directions are the production of postcards, costume jewelery, tablecloths and napkins. All products are beautiful, unique, handmade. They are made by pupils of 9-11th grades. But in the administrative apparatus, only the tenth grade. The students study the basics of the economy, get acquainted with all the necessary normative documents. We sell our products at fairs and on the Internet. The chief accountant raises the proceeds to the costs and salaries of employees. Recently, the guys decided to send their earned money to strengthen the material and technical base of the gymnasium and develop the business company.
This year at the second festival of training business companies of the Minsk region “School Company 10+” Borovlyanska High School was awarded a special diploma in the nomination “Quality Business Plan”.

For six years already the fourth generation of schoolboys participates in the business company. Many on a personal example have convinced: it is a useful experience for an adult life.

It is gratifying that future entrepreneurs and simply good masters are raised from school. And most importantly, they do not play business, they work really.

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